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1."My life changed joining NSFAD, I had no idea about the Fashion industry and its benefits. Today iam a confident person capable of designing my clothes and importantly my dressing sense and attitude has changed.... Kudos to NSFAD"

- Aishwarya A, B.Sc- Fashion Technology, NSFAD


2. "Iam of the shy type character, parents were orthodox in nature and believe me, they wanted me to be an engineer. I stumbled upon my mentor yuvaraj sir at times education fair. He explained the course its benefits for girls. My dad reluntantly agreed and today her never regrets. I work at HDFC Bank and iam a designer too. My course at NSFAD not only gave a mentor but showed me the path to sucess. .... Thanks to one and all at NSFAD" 

Preethi, Fashion Technology, NSFAD


3. "NSFAD gives you a complete package for studies and knowledge. We have the facilities and concentration is on Fashion Designing. Our mentors coach us well and care is taken that we complete out works well a head of time. One thing iam sure off is that one has to be lucky to get a seat at NSFAD more so for coaching, mentoring and knowledge. kudoos to our yuvaraj Sir. .- Mounika Reddy, B.Sc - Fashion and Apparel Design, NSFAD 2012 Batch.


4. "I stepped into NSFAD with a confused state of mind, but at college, my mentors made me utilize my strengths and weakness. It made me think beyond placements i.e, knowledge. The concept of practical training, regular confidence fashion shows and internships has made me understand the concepts better and more effectively. Importantly, my mentor at NSFAD guides me in improving my soft skills and to become a better human being. Thanks my mentor.

- SUNIL R, B.Sc - Fashion and Apparel Design, NSFAD 2012 Batch.


5."I stepped into NSFAD when i was 16 years with a confidence , that i will achieve my goal, i did my puc commerce in NSFAD Pre University college and presently pursuing my 5th semester BSC FASHION AND APPAREL DESIGN if not for my mentor Yuvaraj Sir I would have not been here, today I earn and learn at NSFAD. Thanks to Yuvaraj Sir. 
- PRIYASHREE, B.Sc - Fashion and Apparel Design, NSFAD 2014 Batch.