welcome to NSFAD Group of Institutions



    • The NSFAD is equipped with two large laboratories with over 50 Pentium IV PC’s with licensed software sufficient enough to caterto the needs of both annual and short term programs. The lab is also equipped with LCD Projectors and Over Head Projectors to enable online Interactive Teaching. The NSFAD Education focuses more on interactive, project oriented, Interactive teaching. This enables the students to learn creatively.

    • The NSFAD is equipped with a State of Art HOSTEL FACILITY to cater to the needs of outstation students. A separate hostel accommodation is provided for both boys and girls. The Hostel is equipped with a full fledged Kitchen which caters to both Indian and Multi-Cuisine (Depending on the needs of the students). It has been our constant endeavor to improve the standards for build international class schooling.

    • The NSFAD imparts skilled oriented programs in the field of Fashion Grooming and Photography. NSFAD is equipped with the state of the art facilities. Work benches have been provided for each candidate so as to impart impartial and effective practical secessions for the students. Emphasis has been laid to see Techno-Interactive methods of teaching are employed.

    • The Fashion Technology lab is equipped with both Domestic and Industrial Sewing Machines. The lab is also equipped with latest high speed industrial Sewing machines so as to cater and equip the students with the needs of the industry. Drafting aids are generally provided for the students along with the course materials to bring about uniformity among the students. The Fash-Tech Lab is equipped with the latest computers as well Design Software to enable the students to peruse a career either as Designers or Entrepreneurs..

    • At the NSFAD, emphasis is always given to the over all development of the student. The NSFAD - Achievers Club started by the students envisages Intra curricular and Extra-Curricular activities for the students. The Club conducts Fashion Shows, Debates, Seminars and sports for the benefit of the student community. This forum helps students to bring about their inner talents and brings about self confidence among the student fraternity.

  • Uth Trendz
    • The Uth Trendz club caters to Personal Development of the student. This Socio-Interactive Club was conceived with the main objective of imparting Education with Parental Guidance. This concept imparting object based education was conceptualized to adhere to personal health and hygiene, human values, Teen problems, and burning teen issues. The Uth Trendz conducts seminars, lectures and has set up an exclusive support medium through mail where students can voice their opinions and take advice and suggestions by Email:- www.uth trendz@NSFAD.in

    • NSFAD Education has come a long way by imparting value based education along with over all development to students. The society and community today require young energetic youth with valuable skills, behavior and a personality conducive to work area. Presentation, organizational skills and general work area communication play a vital role in today’s industry and survival. At the NSFAD emphasis is given to overall development of a candidate and personality development as a subject is mandatory and is included in all streams.

  • A Course in Personality Development helps students with their
      • Writing Skills
      • Presentation Skills
      • Organizational Skills
      • Health and Hygiene
      • Computational Skills
      • Work area communication
      • Survival Skills
      • Self Grooming